Left my heart in Paternoster

There’s nothing like a beach getaway. Nothing. Like. It.

I’m a coastal gal through and through, even though I was terrified of the beach until I was about 8.

This time, I was lucky enough to get a trip to Paternoster and celebrate with a group of friends.

So, our accommodation was Zula Beach House – and yes, it’s right on the beach. There’s something so calming about falling asleep hearing the waves or just gazing at the stars while hanging outside.

The best part? There was no agenda beyond getting daydrunk, eating incredible food and having strolls on the beach. I’m not someone who enjoys hiking or having a packed schedule on a holiday. The aim of a break, in my mind, ย is to nap and laze as much as possible.

And after the way 2016 has literally been so disrespectful ย – recharging and relaxing is vital af.




Ja, I talk about it enough but I never take the time to unwind. The sheer bliss I felt at not having to do anything – cleared my mind. I wasn’t thinking about work for once and just felt incredibly light. I kinda just napped in different places, walked on the beach and enjoyed myself thoroughly.

A couple of tips to consider when going away

  1. Go with the right group of friends
  2. If you’re in large group – make sure you have a person you can do cool things with. Like a buddy system.
  3. ย Be willing to help and take time out from socializing to do whatever makes you feel good.
  4. The bigger the group, the cheaper the costs.
  5. Plan your time accordingly if you want to exercise or do active stuff.


And yep, I’ve already started planning my next trip away.




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