A thrifting sisterhood

Now, this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I’ll tell you how I became friends with a thrifting maven. 


So in case you missed it, Lambley is closing down.

As I sat back and thought about how many clothes I had actually procured from Lambley – I realised what a huge part thrifting has played in my life.

Tarryn-Lee (from Lambley) was one of my first-ever internet friends. I was a student looking for a way to curate my look without spending huge amounts of cash. The rest is history.


Thrifting really is a little adventure. And although there’s plenty of people interested in it now – it’s still something I love doing back home.

Looking at it, meeting up with Tarryn and Emma really showed me the power of women supporting one another. It helped that these women lived in my city and pursued their passions relentlessly.

Later on, I soon became more aware of the manner in which clothes are made and how thrifting can help alleviate the sheer amount of clothes we discard thanks to fast fashion. One could find timeless clothes if you looked for a specific fit, cut and style.

I  became more confident in expressing myself through clothes and learnt early on was that you support women who do great things, not just because they’re doing something.


Another thing I figured out was supporting local was better, really, while making sure you know where your money is going to. I’ve become more conscious of this lately and applying to different avenues of my life

The thrifting community is, for the most part, very supportive. I got to know the brains behind Hunter Gatherer, Ivy & Samuel, Thrifty Magpie and so many others.


And when I reflect, I can say my feminism was definitely influenced by seeing a collective work together on a shoot and the sheer support from like-minded women.

I met so many friends who shared my common interests – who loved trawling hospice shops, secondhand stores and finding the beauty in something given away. From coffee shops dates to waiting in anticipation for an upload – there is something magical that happens when women come together.

Thank you Lambley, our wardrobes will never forget you.



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