Drive-by donations

The time has come for another one of my donation drives. Now, for those not in the know – I did a sneaky little event way back in January – a way to get my summer kickstarted by doing some good. The response was overwhelming and I got thirteen bags of stuff from a bunch of friends,. The end result was a bit emotional because it was super nice to see a little idea of mine do so well.

This time around, I’m hoping to get more bags of goodies and donate to the St. Anne’s Home as before. And I did, 23 bags of stuff sourced from friends, colleagues and friends of friends.

The reason I chose to donate to this specific charity stems from the face that they support abused mothers and their children, which is hardly an easy feat. In this day and age, we are more and more aware of the atrocities of domestic violence as well as the way it impacts families.

I’m from a single parent household and the reality is, you are usually one bounced paycheck away from being homeless. Last year, my mother and I were technically homeless (as glam as staying in hotels sounds – it really isn’t meant for long-term living).

This year, I vowed not only to make a difference, once we had moved into a flat of our own, but to stick to a set of new year’s resolutions so I could feel like  something had been done with my time.

You don’t realise it until your own security and sense of stability is threatened that the world is a cruel and unforgiving space. I’ll do whatever I can to make it a bit easier for someone else, to be frank.

Cleaning out means there’s space for something new.

If anything, I don’t ever want to feel trapped by the things I own or stagnant in my everyday life. Most of all, it gives me joy to see  my own concepts or ideas succeed, and thus anything else seems a bit more possible.

I need that.

We all do.

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