Say My Name

If anything – the late nineties and early 2000s taught me about a certain thing called Destiny. Namely that it came in the form of three women called Destiny’s Child.
It was 1998 and the world was a different place (granted almost twenty years later – girls pretty much dress the same.)
I was a mere youngin’ in Grade 2 when this superbly colour co-ordinated music video came out. I was baffled that the couches could move whilst one was singing along to a tune and promptly expected my couch to do the same.  Years later, I am still disappointed.
Anyways, here’s my updated post-1999 understanding of the anti-cheatin’ anthem that served real sass on a plate.

1. “I would call, you would say, ‘Baby, how’s your day?‘ But today, it ain’t the same.”
Beyoncé highlighting the experiences of having someone stop giving a shit, allofasudden. Don’t front – we’ve all been there, when things are going swimmingly with a manperson (or ladyperson) and then it’s… not.

*House MD side eyes you*

2. “Could it be that you are at the crib with another lady?”
Beyoncé asking the most vital questions here.

My reaction when I heard that.

3. “First of all let me say, I am not the one to sit around and be played.”
The most important aspect of that there lyric/song/your life. Reasserting her authority and lyrical sassiness – Beyoncé has now warned you, dear fellow, that she, indeed is NOT THE ONE. *exits stage left*

4. “You actin’ kinda shady. Ain’t callin’ me baby.”
I’m honestly just in love with the accurate rhyming couplet involving ‘shady’ and ‘baby’. What. Up.  (sidenote: babygirl is only cute being said by the right person – if ever)

And finally my ultra fave line within the entire song.
“Getting caught up in your game, when you can not – Say. My. Name.”

The precursor to Irreplaceable and all those sassy yet devastatingly effective anti-cheatin’, you been creepin’ anthems that still remains relevant over fifteen years down the line (yes, fifteen).
Thank you Destiny’s Child – for those catchy songs and overall excellent colour co-ordination.

Top 5 dance moves to practice at sleepovers.

– A


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