Workin’ 9 to 5

I haven’t been writing an awful lot (for myself that is) – life has been moving an awfully fast pace.
That’s the thing about being in your 20s (or early twenties) is that there are far too many choices. I recently lamented on Facebook that I really wished that someone has warned me being young enough to travel but old enough to worry about my future.
I worry a lot. It comes with the territory of being an only child with a young(ish) single mother. Anyways since entering the workforce and being a paperpushin’ member of society (jk, I love my job) these are the things I’ve noticed.

1. Got a degree? Cool. No one cares.
I went to a relatively good university and we’re all sold that schtick about having tertiary education – blah blah blah. But basically my piece of really nice paper is like having a VIP armband – bouncers glance at it once and then forget about it until waaaay later. When I got to the office – no one gave a flying (expletive) about my nice Linguistics degree, because that had no ‘real’ value to the everyday work I needed to do.

Your colleagues when you talk about ‘that one time at varsity…’

2. Experience.
One of the few things that a position asks for is some experience in the field you’re entering. Which seems like a daunting thing for any recent graduate – and it is. However, you soon realise that most companies don’t have the time or resources to train someone as they need them to do the job efficiently (immediately). This is pretty disconcerting to most graduates who have never worked an actual job in their lives. Awk.

How I feel when employers ask for experience.

3. Office politics
Whether it’s the 45 year old cougar who wants to hit on the interns who have barely matriculated or the bitchy receptionist who makes sure you know how terrible you look (but in a subtly shady way). Every office has some sort of politics. Most of the time, as a newbie you’re pretty oblivious to it (mainly because you’re trying very hard to not get fired)

You probably won’t be.

4. Learning that your new job may not be for you
Just because you’re in your first real position – doesn’t mean you’re necessarily cut out for the career you’ve chosen. And that’s okay. In fact, it might happen more than once. It’s harsh and uncomfortable to figure this out, but honestly knowing it is better than not.

What life feels like most of the time.

I’ve been pretty vocal about how stressful young adult life because you’re in the middle – and there are plenty of options pointing you in every other direction possible. And each direction has a million-ty billion-ty paths you could go possibly venture down. If anything being young just feels like there’s far too much uncertainty. At the very least, I’m glad I’ve got choices.

Pretty much.

– A

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