Proactivity 101

It’s something I talk about all too often – but I’m all for the #proactivity of women/girls in my vicinity.

I’ve been there, pining for some dude to smell through my frantic glances that I indeed,  want to talk to him. Since I’m not currently in a #serious relationship – it’s clear that Hottie from the Party didn’t get the memo and change my life with his visage.

So I kinda got tired of waiting around for someone to ask me out and took the law into my own hands. What could go wrong?


Inspired by Alicia Keys in ‘You Don’t  Know My Name’ where she pines over said future manmeat who comes into the diner she works in – she eventually gets his number and calls him to ask him out on a date. The end result?

She gets Mos Def.

(I’m here for that)

Granted  – some dudes really didn’t deserve the time of day in the first place. I soon figured that out. I’m not here to take some of the ‘work’ off a potential Mr. Lover-Lover’s hands – it’s just makes my life easier to know where I stand.

  1. Waiting has never been my vibe.

I was all for the “no, you call me first” game until that SO didn’t work out for me. I just ended upset at someone who never called me and quite frankly, he did me a favour. (You know who you are) So I just started getting hold of hotties myself. Moral of the story, the worst thing someone can say is no or not reply – and you’re not in high school.

Eventually you’ll get over it and have a cry/lol about it with some friends. That’s a whole lot better than waiting forever for that call and making your way through that jar of Nutella while you’re at it. Rejection sucks, but it’s better than unrequited love that goes nowhere.

  1. Breaking the ice isn’t that hard

Just asking some guy to hang out isn’t that hard – then you can gauge if YOU even like his face or if your hormones are just wanting to reproduce. Taking control just feels a whole lot more settling for me. I have the patience of a three year old and knowing whether I’ll hang out with someone again, helps my life. I’d rather know you’re an idiot right at the beginning before I waste my time.

  1. Not all humans deserve this treatment

I’ve met some really asinine individuals and a lot of them are lazy to simply text back. Typing out some characters isn’t that hard – let alone giving someone a gotdamn call. The reality of me putting in effort to get hold of you – is directly proportioned to you being a decent human being. The bottom line is, if you think he’s a dick and won’t call back – you probably shouldn’t even be calling or texting him.

So I repeat, do not hit him up if he seems like a scrub.

If you’re unsure of whether said human fits into the Scrub category, TLC have put this into lyrical content.

Chili highlighting vital truths w/ a perky butt.
  1. And sometimes it ends well.

My best friend had the biggest crush on this boy she’d known for years. She’s pretty shy and never thought he liked her.

Me whenever I know two people clearly want to bone.

Long story short – she decided to go for it and chat to him on a night out. And after a smooch or five, they’ve been dating ever since. I could’ve saved them the time, but I’m glad they found each other.

Now, not every story ends like that. And in being hella proactive there have been some weird moments. But if it fails – at least I have something to write or tweet about.

Yes, about you.

– A


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