So, Where Are You Now?

Ever been struck with the thought of travelling the world?

Your twenties are meant to be filled with introspection and time spent abroad trying to ‘find yourself’.

However, trying to find the right kind of experience, locations and places to see don’t always end in success.

So imagine my surprise, in finding a website that aims to help you a) view the destination b) interact with locals and c) post your burning travel questions. provides all that and more.

Where Are You Now is a social media platform that allows you to create a profile and engage with people all over the world. Sound familiar?

But you are able to interact with fellow travellers and locals in entirely new and invaluable ways.

I was able to see the best sight-seeing locations in Montreal while browsing questions asking about what kind of art galleries to visit in Milan – or where to get a decent drink in Dubai.


Stories on, great for travel content
Stories on, great for travel content


It basically allows you to create and participate within your own online travel/lifestyle community. This offers you travel advice and insight into future destinations from the people who know it best. One can rate photos, view destinations and chat to people online.

Watching people engage and receiving quality feedback can really impact the way you choose to travel and future travel plans. I fully intend to utilise this, as a recent transplant to Cape Town. You can also read informative stories featuring the destination of your choice.

So as a broke student with travel aspirations, I guess the next thing is to start saving?

Check out the site at :

like the Facebook page at :

and follow them on Twitter at : @WAYNStories







One thought on “So, Where Are You Now?

  1. Hey Alyx, found your blog about a month ago, when you add me to your friend list on WAYN (for which I should say thanks 🙂 I was following the link that brought me here, and I kept reading your articles since then. You have a touch for sensitive topics, and your writings seem to have an author so much mature than your age… Take this as a compliment 🙂

    You are right about WAYN in so many aspects, even though in the last years it become much more commercial… I’ve been there for the last seven years and it took some fun away. But hey, maybe it’s for the better, who am I to judge…?

    Anyway, good luck in your travels and all the best!


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